Web Design Testimonials for Knightling

Hi Kellie,
I wanted to take a minute and let you know that we have got some some really good leads from our website. Not only that it has been most useful in obtaining new clients and retaining existing clients. I want to thank you personally for whatever it is you're doing for my analytics (I think that's what it is) because the feedback I get from people searching me on the www is they put in cabinet makers Long Beach and we pop up at the top. 
Thank you so much for all you've done for me. The website has been a real good asset for me! 
- Scott Daws, SDC Millworks

"Wow!! It is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited :)
We will have a few little things to fix, but the overall feeling I get is totally thrilling! I will get more detailed looking at it tomorrow but thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

- Lisa Olsen, Allied Packing and Rubber, Inc.

"You rock! Seriously, I'm so amazed you get it done right the first time, every time."

-Marc Bonner, Long Beach Boy Scouts of America

"I really meant to write this review a few months ago when our website officially launched, unfortunately, I have been too busy to do it! That fact is directly related to the fantastic website KellieSherrill@Knightling designed for our company. From the initial idea of what we wanted in a website, Kellie took it and ran with it and developed a plan of how we wanted it to look visually & what we wanted to express to our clients and potential clients. She wanted to know more about what services we offer before even attempting to design our website. The easy navigation is definitely a plus given we had a lot of information that needed to be included. The scrolling articles provide pertinent information without taking up the whole page with just images. The pictures offer our clients and potential clients a comfort knowing who they are communicating with. Working with Kellie was/is a pleasure. She has so many great ideas & suggestions, that's why we have been working with her for over 15 years now when she first designed our marketing materials. Because, we all know when you find someone who you trust will deliver what & when they say they will, you continue that relationship!!"

-Diana Esperon, Jerris Wealth Management Group, Inc.

"I have to tell, I got up this morning and looked at the website. I almost cried, I am so grateful for all the changes and progress. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

-Michelle Bray, Catalina Sea Spa

"I have been working with Knightling for the past few months and I could not be happier with their performance and results. My company was looking for someone to build a custom website. After a long search, and very disappointing results, we found Knightling. Right from the beginning I was impressed with the response time and the thoroughness of Kellie. In the initial stages of the project we met face to face and discussed what the company wanted for the website. Kellie was very patient with me (I was completely new to this process) and made some very good suggestions. Throughout the entire building process Kellie kept open communication and provided updates on the progress of the site.

The website came out beautifully. I really could not be happier with the results. However, what most impressed me about Knightling was the level of commitment they gave us after the project was over. We have made several improvements to the website since it has been built, and every time a change was made Kellie was quick to answer emails and create the requested changes. This level of consistent excellence is rare in the business world, and absolutely set Knightling apart from almost any other company I have worked with professionally and personally. There have been very few companies worth really raving about but Knightling is hands down one of them.

Thank you Knightling for being amazing!" 

"It looks like the SEO is coming along well.  It seems like the website is coming up on the first page of Google when people search us. Thanks!"

-Gregory Brown, Simple Health Acupuncture

"Thanks Kellie, these photos you took for our website look great! We have plenty to work with. Using these plus whatever from the current site we want to use I think will look great."

- Jeffrey Cozart, The Belmont Athletic Club

"Knightling, Inc. did a great job customizing and designing my website to my specifications and needs. After the website was complete, their SEO team helped boost my website to the first page of Google when searching for orthodontists in my area. Very happy with their work and would recommend them to anyone!"

-Thao Nguyen, D.D.S., Bloom Orthodontics

"Kellie – we’re up and running! A note of sincere thanks. You walked us through uncertainty. You handled our questions very well. I appreciate your calm demeanor and confidence. I am very pleased with our new website. From your end, I hope this was a worthy project that adds to your portfolio, and maybe is unlike other sites you’ve done."

- Marc Bonner, Boy Scouts of America - Long Beach Area Council 

"The site looks perfect. The Constant Contact template you designed for us made sending email announcements out very easy and was a blessing. Being able to count on you makes managing our website so much easier. Thank you for everything. You have been incredible."

- Mary Kay Nottage, Long Beach Heritage 

 "We have worked so hard for the past 14 years and we now see some success. Your website has been a real asset to our progress, Thank you!"  

- Marilynn Poe, St. Isidore Historical Plaza

"Kellie, Great job, as always! These additions to our website are a bright spot in my life! Like I said today, the way you take care of business is awesome :)

Whenever I imagine what your going to do, you surprise me and do something cooler!"

- Cynthia

"We contacted Kellie Shelton at Knightling about a year ago about re-designing our web site. We wanted a site that was going to look like it represented us. We also wanted it to be easy to maintain and have some additional features to help our business grow. Kellie laid out for us how we could achieve everything we wanted and so much more. The best part was that it did not cost us an arm and a leg! Working with Knightling was so easy and the site was up and running in no time at all. Since then we have had many of our clients compliment us on the site, and our employees love it too. I would highly recommend Knightling to any business."

- Jeffrey Cozart, The Belmont Athletic Club

"Kellie is a true pro! I had a website that was made by friends and family members, but I didn't get the follow up when new updated needed to be added. Kellie created a great website which has generated 1000% more hits and generates fresh clients every day. She is always available to answer techie questions and seems to have limitless patience. I couldn't possibly recommend her with any more gusto!!!"

-Dan Schoepf, Instant Signs

"Thank you so much, Kellie – It’s everything I was hoping it would be!!"

- Michele Roberge, Carpenter Performing Arts Center

"I want to say thank you again for designing the website and all your help. I am getting so many complements, below is one of them, member from BNI group"

- Monika Zusanksa, Eco Cleaning Inc.

"PS. Who designed your website? I am impressed."

- Christopher L. Parker 

"I can not say enough about how talented Kellie of Knighting is. So Smart and Patient, Fun and Enthusiastic, Professional, and Reasonable! She took my ideas and images and created exactly what I had dreamed of. Being an artist myself, I really wanted to have control of my websites appearance and functionality. However, I don’t know much about computers! With the website kit, she was able to teach me to the level that I felt comfortable to handle. She was as excited about my project as I was. She is Awesome! What a great experience. Thank-you Kellie!"

- Cynthia Chenier, Beveldine

"Kellie and the Knightling, Inc. team has been integral in the growth of our business. They redesigned our website and helped us gain exposure on the web. I highly recommend them."

- Sharon Butterfield, California Hardwood Floors

"Oh my goodness!!!! Thank you soooo much. These pictures are GREAT and you are right; I am really going to need the help of others because I love so many! Thank you Kellie, you are truly wonderful."

- Sandy Kay

"Kellie is fantastic! She is bright, creative and fun to work with. And her final output is extremely professional and effective."

- Nancy Goldstein, Century 21 Realtor

"Just wanted to re-iterate that you did a GREAT job today. You are a true professional-- very skilled, knowledgeable, and personable. We have a lot to learn from you! Great great job!"

- Erica Sims, 360 Studio Worldwide 

"I wanted thank you for all your help and to let you know that I am constantly getting complemented on how great and professional my website is. So a Big Thank you for that."

-Monika Zuzanska, Eco-Clean Inc.