Logo Design Testimonials for Knightling

"Kellie offered the perfect combination of providing professional input and creative direction while carefully discerning my own distinct requests and tastes. She is a talented and dedicated designer who skillfully crafts a brand to the to the unique requests of the client with the highest level of excellence and efficiency. I couldn't recommend her services more!"

Here are the comments I received from my contacts.

- Erica Sims, Et Cetera Staffing

"GREAT LOGO!!!!! I love it! Wouldn’t change a thing. Tell her (Kellie), 'She rocks!'"

- Jessie Ottolini, Red Tie Productions

"What a logo! I love it. First, the slogan is right on perfect. 'An even hand for the odd job.' It's concise, memorable, and says exactly who you are. And as far as impact isconcerned -- did you know that studies have consistently shown that a red dot grabs everyone's attention better than anything else. So you work three red dots into your logo, yet they don't seem to be yelling, rather sneaking up on you. Nice." 
- Gerald Sims, Lapeer Missionary Church

 "Just to let you know, the logo has been very well received and it’s generated lots of conversations. I will proudly display it on my e-mails going forward. People are liking the business cards too."

- Kammy Haynes, Ph.D., Professional Speaker

"Kellie is a SUPERB designer! She has an amazing ability to take a concept and design EXACTLY what is both needed and wanted. Kellie is an expert in branding a complete company from logo to web and beyond! She is such a pleasure to work with. Her dedication and commitment come through in the results she produces! Thank you, Kellie!"

- Jo Della Penna, Life Coach