Graphic Design Testimonials for Knightling

"Your work is Fantastic!!! We absolutely love everything you have done to make this book complete! I couldn't have wished for more, it is everything we wanted, very creative, and fun. Thank you so much, we can hardly wait for the last photo!"

- Phyllis & Dennis Seawright, Authors of Tucson Teddy

"I am so grateful I have you to work with, you are always so friendly and so professional, and lets not forget so talented and super smart.  Lucky me!!! Have a great day!"

- Michelle Bray, Catalina Sea Spa

"PERFECT!!!  No changes LOVE IT...don't change a thing!  Thanks for another great design...until next year.  Ha they/you just keep getting better. If you ever needed a reference (not that you would) you could count on me to give you a good one :)"

- Joanne Bunker, Lucille's BBQ & Hof's Hut

"Kellie, Just wanted to tell you how much we love your design on our new boat shirts. Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving. So much to be grateful for."

 - Michael Fowlkes, Inside Sportfishing

"Thanks Kellie, these are way better than what I had done before. The new site and brochures will look great!"


- Jeffrey Cozart, The Belmont Athletic Club


"You did a GREAT job. Thanks so much. I love what you did here. I really like working with you and hope you are open for more in the future. You are creative, great at listening to direction, and so on top of things as far as asking the right questions and keeping timelines in mind."

- Best, Heather K.

"Kellie has done a beautiful job in the past year not only on our website, but also on multiple invitations and other advertising materials. She is both creative and professional and I recommend her highly"

"FYI – If you ever need a testimonial about not trying to save money and do your advertising materials on your own – I can stand up and give the story of trying to create our Spring Party invites. By the time you add up Jami’s time, my time, Megans time, all the print toner used, etc. etc. We would have likely been better off both cost wise and happiness with product wise going with your services!!! Lesson learned :) "

- Sasha Witte, Interior Designer

"Kellie Shelton is the ultimate pro. With an eye for beauty and a memoirist's talent for interpreting the beauty, Kellie has an intangible knack for capturing the truth in her client's work. And working with her is a joy! She returns all her client's drafts on a dime, and approaches all revisions with professionalism and enthusiasm. I wish Kellie were all my clients!" 

- Brian Westbye, Writer