Joomla 2.5 - Google Maps


Joomla 2.5 - Zh Google Maps Plugin (adding locations)

To access the google maps plugin through the website login to the back-end.

Go to Components > Zh Google Map


Click on the Placemarks tab at the top.

google maps plugin placemarks tab

Click on an existing placemark to add to the hoover description.

sample location



You can type a description into the window “Hoover Description” and add an image (that has already been resized for the web – under .5mb file size) by clicking on the image button button at the bottom of the window. See instructions above for more info.


Set the Lat & Long to the exact location.


You can also zoom in and move the placemarker on the map at the bottom of the screen.




If you want to create a new placemarker:



Click the orange New + button.

google plugin navigation bar


Give it a title (the description can be the same).



Add the title and a description and/or web-sized photo to the Hoover Description window.


Enter in the exact Lat & Long if you have if other wise enter in something close. You can reposition the place marker on the map at the bottom of the page if needed.

location description



The Map Title is: Catalina Island (in this example).

The Category is: Catalina Divers Supply (in this example).


You can rate the location if you wish.


On the right side under Appearance properties, set the Icon Type:

mapiconscollection-sports-scubadiving (for this example, choose one that matches your location)


Make sure the rest of the Appearance Properties match these:


FYI - The URL image will have text in it if you have uploaded an image to your description.


Save & Close

save and close

You can follow the instructions again to create as many location as you'd like.