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Website Design Launch with Appointment Booking Module

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Managing an appointment schedule can be a tedious task. Perhaps you've been doing it, but it's taking much more of your time than you would like. You could hire an extra employee to do the work, but you don't really want to spend the money. Knightling has a low cost, convenient web-based solution to offer you.

You no longer have to plan your appointment schedule yourself; the system takes care of it for you. Just input the times you are available, and your clients will make their own appointments through your website. It even handles cancellations too. Your focus can now be on interfacing with your clients rather than trying to keep track of a complex schedule. What's even better is the appointment system can collect payments for you through PayPal, saving you even more time and effort.

See this feature in action on one of our recently launched sites, 1st Place Workouts uses the appointment scheduling system to manage all of their personal training appointments. If you're ready to save a substantial amount of time and energy by automating your appointment schedule, give Knightling a call.

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