Friday, 13 September 2013 22:32

Site Launch with Industry Branding

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Over time some industries have developed style parameters through common usage that define the majority of the dominant brands within them. This can make a given company’s line of business much easier to identify when you look at their advertisements and other marketing materials. One of the easiest sectors in which to identify such a trend is the frozen yogurt industry. Bold, rounded fonts and fruity pinks, purples and greens have become a established norms. Conforming to these brand frameworks can help your customers more easily identify you when they are seeking the particular product or service you offer.

Knightling developed a new website for Wild Berry Yogurt that takes full advantage of these industry branding aspects. This allows people to associate Wild Berry’s site with frozen yogurt within seconds, which is all the time most people will take to decide whether or not a website contains the particular content they are searching for. When it comes to any kind of food service business, having appetizing images can largely determine the effectiveness of your marking media. To this end, we also designed the home page with a lot of white space, so the primary product images would stand out.

You can check out Wild Berry’s new Knightling-powered site at


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