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Friday, 13 September 2013 22:33

Site Launch with Chic Brand

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As the adage proclaims, sometimes less is more. Elegance and simplicity need not be mutually exclusive and rarely in our work is this principle as well illustrated as in one of our latest websites. Spa Sidney has a unique and cultured brand that make it stand out among the many competing salons in its vicinity. In designing their website, we decided we could do little better than to take their style and run with it.

Incorporating ample white space, the particular Spa Sidney orange and an organic font, we synchronized their new site with their logo, printed materials and even the ambiance of their salon. We implemented scrolling images to showcase Spa Sidney’s beauty products. We also coordinated with their social media outlets by integrating a Twitter feed with their site and linking to their Yelp reviews. The site looks great on an iPad too.

You can see Spa Sidney’s new website at www.spasidney.com.

Friday, 13 September 2013 22:32

Site Launch with User Content Focus

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User generated content—forum posts, comments, images and videos that people upload to websites they do not own or control—has become a major source of content growth on the internet. Many major sites such as Facebook, Yelp and Wikipedia are almost entirely dependent on user generated content for their success and survival. Even e-commerce giants such as Amazon make heavy use of user reviews and feedback to assist customers with their purchasing decisions.

Knightling recently launched a website for a fishing tournament that relies largely on user content. The Sanctuary Classic is a catch and release fishing tournament, where anglers upload images of their fish to the tournament website in order to enter. The site users also act as judges and can vote for their favorite pictures. The anglers who receive the most votes win prizes.

This type of website requires user registration and accurate tracking of votes and content uploads, which makes a solid database framework a key component. Not just any html-encoded site will provide this type of functionality. Knightling possesses the expertise to develop user generated content capable sites for virtually any application.

Be sure to cast a vote for your favorite fish at www.sanctuaryclassic.org.

Friday, 13 September 2013 22:32

Site Launch with Industry Branding

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Over time some industries have developed style parameters through common usage that define the majority of the dominant brands within them. This can make a given company’s line of business much easier to identify when you look at their advertisements and other marketing materials. One of the easiest sectors in which to identify such a trend is the frozen yogurt industry. Bold, rounded fonts and fruity pinks, purples and greens have become a established norms. Conforming to these brand frameworks can help your customers more easily identify you when they are seeking the particular product or service you offer.

Knightling developed a new website for Wild Berry Yogurt that takes full advantage of these industry branding aspects. This allows people to associate Wild Berry’s site with frozen yogurt within seconds, which is all the time most people will take to decide whether or not a website contains the particular content they are searching for. When it comes to any kind of food service business, having appetizing images can largely determine the effectiveness of your marking media. To this end, we also designed the home page with a lot of white space, so the primary product images would stand out.

You can check out Wild Berry’s new Knightling-powered site at www.wildberry-yogurt.com.

Friday, 13 September 2013 22:29

Site Launch for a Cabinetry Craftsman

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In a marketplace that has become saturated with cheap, low-quality goods, it's sometimes refreshing to encounter a company that still creates excellent products that are designed and built to stand the test of time and perform their functions well. SDC Millworks is such a company, and we are proud to announce the launch of their new Knightling-designed website. The photos of SDC's custom cabinetry and built-in furniture speak for themselves, which is why we outfitted their site with a large image slider on the home page. To highlight SDC's list of well-known clients, we displayed their logos in a prominent procession toward the bottom of the landing page. Of course, we also included a separate page for their glowing testimonials for those potential clients who may need more convincing that they've found the right cabinet maker.

You can see SDC Millworks' handiwork as well as Knightling's at www.sdcmillworks.com.

Friday, 13 September 2013 22:27

Site Launch for a Stone & Tile Fabricator

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Knightling's latest launch highlights the work of Vilander Stone & Tile. We inserted a large image slider at the top of the home page to showcase their work. In addition to this, we created an easy-to-navigate gallery page with several dozen bright, clear images, so potential customers can peruse Vilander's products after they have been installed. Because stone and tile fabrication and installation is highly visual, we placed the gallery link close to the left side of the main navigation bar--before Services--so visitors can navigate to that page quickly. Vilander Stone & Tile has an impressive workshop with state-of-the-art fabrication equipment, so our site design is also intended to highlight their facility. To this end, we used the large image slider again to display pictures of their shop and machinery on the page that describes their warehouse. Also, as we do with most of our websites, we provided prominent links to their social media pages on the landing page of their website.

To browse the elegant creations of Vilander Stone & Tile, go here: www.vilanderstonetile.com.

Friday, 13 September 2013 22:26

Site Launch for an Urban Storage Facility

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Our latest project is for a local storage facility called Store-N-Save. Store-N-Save is unusual in two primary aspects. Unlike most storage facilities, its storage units are located entirely indoors, providing enhanced protection from the elements and pests, such as insects and rodents, attempting to invade your storage unit. Also, rather than being in some corner of an industrial complex or on some out-of-the-way plot of land that wasn't fit for any other purpose, Store-N-Save is located right in the heart of the downtown district of Long Beach. This is where the constraints of high-density living in apartment complexes and condominium high-rises create some of the greatest demand for storage facilities, and yet, it's generally quite difficult to find one anywhere nearby.

We've emphasized these qualities in the content of the site we created for Store-N-Save. Our layout also focused on providing fast access to the information people would most want from a storage facility website. There are quick links to both the unit size guide and the online reservation form. We also provided easy access to online bill pay. Because many people looking for storage space may be new to the area, we've also included a few pages on the site describing some of the more exciting Long Beach events as well as Store-N-Save's support of the East Village Arts District. To check out Store-N-Save's new Knightling-powered website, click here.

Friday, 13 September 2013 22:25

Website Remodeling for Instant Signs

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Knightling recently reinvigorated the website of one of our long-time clients Instant Signs. We transferred their site to an updated platform, providing much more powerful and user-friendly content management features than the old version exhibited. We redesigned the Instant Signs site to have a much cleaner and more streamlined look and feel. We highlighted what everyone who visits their site wants to see: examples of their work. From the smoothly animated home page gallery that stands front and center to the large, clear images on the slideshow and product pages, Instant Signs can show off their alluring work to a huge class of potential new customers. We also included a blog page, so Instant Signs can highlight some of their more unusual or important projects such as restoring and crafting signs on-site for the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.

Click here to check out Instant Signs new Knightling website for yourself.

Friday, 13 September 2013 22:21

Site Launch for a Payroll Service

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Primary Payroll

Knightling's latest web creation is Primary Payroll's new site. Using a conservative business color palette and pertinent photos and graphics, we stressed with imagery as well as with words Primary Payroll's core focus--ease and reliability. There are links on the homepage that provide quick access to information about the specific services Primary Payroll provides. Clients can log in to the site to access web portal features available only to customers. We also created a resources page with helpful documents and links to encourage people to spend more time perusing the site.

You can visit Primary Payroll's new Knightling-powered website at www.primarypayroll.com.

Friday, 13 September 2013 22:20

Site Launch with Property Management System

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This is our second website for Pabst, Kinney & Associates, who originally hired us to develop a new website for their real estate department. Our latest site serves their property management arm and is one of the most functionally robust websites we've created to date. This site manages user accounts for over 20 property supervisors who have the ability to post and modify property listings online using a guided form interface. The functionality is entirely web-based, does not require the installation of any software and can be done anywhere on any device with an internet connection and a web browser. Their content management system transfers the information they enter into a database with multiple fields allowing for advanced search functionality. The system automatically resizes property images, so users don't need to hassle with it; it also creates image galleries with the upload of a single compressed folder. We created a function that generates PDF files of listings with the latest information in the database. These PDFs are formatted according to precise specifications and make it easy for people searching for a place to rent to download or print listing information with the click of a button.

To check out Pabst, Kinney & Associates' property listings, visit their new Knightling-powered website at www.pabstkinney.com.

Friday, 13 September 2013 04:06

Website Interface Design

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Creative Brief:
Task: Design the home page for a cosmetic surgeon website re-design. 

Direction: Whole-page feel with awesome responsiveness at various widths. Include a large image slider. Lorem ipsum text and stock photos are okay to use.

Style: High-end, CLEAN and classy. Subtle patterns and gray color scheme.

Client Testimonial:
"You did a GREAT job. Thanks so much. I love what you did here. I really like working with you and hope you are open for more in the future. You are creative, great at listening to direction, and so on top of things as far as asking the right questions and keeping timelines in mind."

Best, Heather K.
Friday, 13 September 2013 00:00

Knightling Launches E-commerce Site

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ecommerce website design

Over the past several years, we have received many requests for e-commerce websites from our clients. Due to the increased complexities and volume of work involved in setting up an online product database and ensuring smooth, easy and secure payment processing for customers, we had not made the transition into that arena of website development. That is, until now.

Friday, 13 September 2013 00:00

Site Launch for a Barber & Cosmetology College

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Our latest website is Knightling's initial entry into the realm of scholastics. The Real Barber College and A Real Beauty College is a barbering and cosmetology institution based in Anaheim, CA. They teach barbering, cosmetology, nails and even train estheticians. It's the first accredited college we've ever developed a site for, and we're pleased with the results. From course descriptions to admissions procedures to financial aid guidelines, the large volume of text gave the site an informational focus tailored to new and current students. However, we still had room to craft a fun and meaningful design with a coalescence of retro barber pole imagery and a modern, minimalist framework.

Friday, 13 September 2013 00:00

Site Launch For A Client We Have Never Met

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Thanks to a referral from a friend and client, we were connected with a new bakery owner about to open shop in Montrose, California. The majority of our clients prefer to interact with us in person, but as you can see from our latest site launch, we are able to work with clients from anywhere communicating via email and over the phone to get the job done right. Our process is streamlined and effective. We design and develop the site and you provide us with the necessary information about your business to make it happen.

I dare you to browse this site and not get a craving for sourdough or sweet pastries. Yum! 

"Thanks I really like the site and you were very easy to work with."

- Sharon Kenneally
Baked on Oceanview

Managing an appointment schedule can be a tedious task. Perhaps you've been doing it, but it's taking much more of your time than you would like. You could hire an extra employee to do the work, but you don't really want to spend the money. Knightling has a low cost, convenient web-based solution to offer you.

You no longer have to plan your appointment schedule yourself; the system takes care of it for you. Just input the times you are available, and your clients will make their own appointments through your website. It even handles cancellations too. Your focus can now be on interfacing with your clients rather than trying to keep track of a complex schedule. What's even better is the appointment system can collect payments for you through PayPal, saving you even more time and effort.

See this feature in action on one of our recently launched sites, www.1stplaceworkouts.com. 1st Place Workouts uses the appointment scheduling system to manage all of their personal training appointments. If you're ready to save a substantial amount of time and energy by automating your appointment schedule, give Knightling a call.

Thursday, 12 September 2013 00:00

What Kind of Website is Right for Me?

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The World Wide Web has come a long way since the first sites appeared with little more than some text and a few low-resolution images. Websites are becoming larger, more dynamic and more powerful every day. However, just because the technology exists doesn’t mean your company needs all of the bells and whistles, particularly since every feature has its own development cost. One of the goals in developing a website is finding a scope and style that satisfies a client’s needs without straining his or her budget.


The type of website you need depends on the size of your organization and how you intend to use your site. If your organization is very small, a home-based business for example, and your website won’t require a lot of updating, a basic landing page may be appropriate for you. This is essentially equivalent to putting a poster up on the web that briefly explains your business and provides your contact information, so people will know how to reach you.


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