I am proud to announce the launch of a newly redesigned website for our long-time client, Deep Blue! 


Deep Blue is not only a fun company, but a diverse one. They not only are a dive shop by the Belmont Pier in Long Beach with a terrific repair facility and showroom but they are also a swim school and have a second swim location in Bixby Knolls. They are a dive-travel agency and offer really fun youth programs to do with all things wet! The first site Knightling Web Design created for Deep Blue was beautiful and showcased their gorgeous photography and four main services of Scuba, Swim, Repair and Travel well. It was flashy and fun but had one major drawback, it took time to navigate to the pertinent information you were looking for. You were entertained while you journeyed there, but it was not very efficient. 

The major challenge of the redesign was organization. They had since added Youth Programs and wanted to add Boat Charters in the Future. Some of their service areas had their own logos and mini-brand while others did not. Sometimes it felt as though each area needed it's own site entirely, however, the mother-brand Deep Blue was always to take precedence. After many months the solution was reached and they now have a beautiful new site that is user friendly, showcases each service area as if it were it's own mini site and keeps the Deep Blue logo front and center (well technically left aligned). The main navigation at the top has only the main service areas. Each of those has it's own landing page and then a dropdown of that service area's unique site content and sub items. The homepage you see when you navigate to their main url is a very clean and has a simple image menu of their top 5 services so right off the bat you can decide where you need be (Scuba, Swim, Travel, Repair or Youth Programs). We utilized two different layouts to achieve this. One module-heavy layout is used for the landing pages and another is used for the content pages. 

There is a vast amount of content held within this site and we are excited to see how it serves them going forward. Oh and did we mention it's a responsive website that is mobile friendly too? We wouldn't have it any other way. Please take a moment to browse the new site created for Deep Blue at http://deepbluelongbeach.com and be sure to let us know what you think. Cheers!

I am proud to announce the launch of a newly redesigned (and completely reprogrammed) website for a long time client, Sasha Witte. Sasha Witte Design was one of my first websites that I coded by hand completely from scratch in HTML back in 2007.

Over the years changes were made to her portfolio of work as the technology changed. Initially there was a motion graphics landing page programmed in Flash revealing pieces of her work. After landing pages (the old school kind where you would "click to enter" the site) decreased in popularity and Flash was running well on fewer and fewer systems we got rid of that. Next we overhauled the galleries. Those too were programmed in Flash and the time and cost of continually adding to those ( and reordering them) was unrealistic. Next we tried Flicker galleries. The Flicker code snippet was inserted into the html page where the old flash gallery had been. This also had it's drawbacks and 8 years later the little site that could was finally being replaced. 

The new site would be programmed using the open source Joomla Platform. It's programming is PHP based with java scripts for galleries and modules for products and events dynamically displaying on multiple pages. The versatility of the new platform is a testamant to just how far websites have come in the last decade. The new site is mobile friendly and responsive meaning it will display in a different way that is best for the device the site is being viewed on wether that be a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. The website itself is pseudo intelligent in that way. 

Please take a moment to browse the new site created for Sasha Witte Design at http://sashawittedesign.com

We are proud to launch the new website design for the Long Beach Area Council Boy Scouts!

Their previous site was one that corporate provided that allowed them to change content on but the design was always the same and not very eye catching. They wanted to invigorate their new site with the more modern Boy Scouts branding they are allowed to use in their marketing. From my prospective as the designer, it was fun working with the graphic elements provided while bringing them up to speed with the new technologies available for websites. 

We encourage you to visit their site and browse through there different sections. http://longbeachbsa.org/ Each section of the website has a long list of activities, programs and events that you or your child can get involved in. They get thousands of visitors to their new site each month and do a great job of continually adding new content regularly.