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Website Design for the Long Beach Boy Scouts

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We are proud to launch the new website design for the Long Beach Area Council Boy Scouts!

Their previous site was one that corporate provided that allowed them to change content on but the design was always the same and not very eye catching. They wanted to invigorate their new site with the more modern Boy Scouts branding they are allowed to use in their marketing. From my prospective as the designer, it was fun working with the graphic elements provided while bringing them up to speed with the new technologies available for websites. 

We encourage you to visit their site and browse through there different sections. Each section of the website has a long list of activities, programs and events that you or your child can get involved in. They get thousands of visitors to their new site each month and do a great job of continually adding new content regularly.


The website was designed using a responsive website layout so it works on computers, tablets, iPads and smart phones. This is beneficial for the end user that gets the same great content across multiple platforms and beneficial to the Long Beach Boy Scouts because they only have to add content to one place. Included in the website design is a content management system that allows the client to make updates daily. As soon as their changes have been saved they immediately show up on the site. There's no lag time between wanting a change made and being able to make it happen. Plus, the editor is easy-to-use and makes the consistent styling of each page effortless. They have the ability to add new administrators to the site that are restricted to one category where they can make changes without affecting the other parts of the site that they are not in charge of. With a huge group of volunteers this becomes very useful. 

The websites we design at Knightling are the hub of our clients marketing efforts. Call us at (310) 780-1462 if you need a better website designed for your company. 

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