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Website Design Launch for Deep Blue Long Beach

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We are proud to launch the new website design for Deep Blue Scuba & Swim Center in Long Beach!

Deep Blue is a dive shop that's as much fun to visit as the Apple store, well almost. They are a full service dive shop and swim lessons center. It was our pleasure to work with them to design a website that was new and innovative. They had a WordPress website that was clunky, outdated and disorganized. It can be difficult to meld your separate services into one website that keeps your brand in tact but speaks to your different clients. Lucky for them Knightling Web Design specializes in developing websites that embody your brand, make your services stand out and organize your content so it's easy to find and fun to use.


We encourage you to visit their site and browse through there different sections. Http://deepbluelongbeach.com Each section of the website has a unique background that helps you know where you are and intro photos and lead-in text you can scroll, swipe or click your way through in every section. When you find a photo or article that interests you click on the title to see the page dynamically reorganize to show the entire article on screen while the other photos fade to the background. We love the interactivity of this website and so does the client. 

The website was designed using a responsive website layout so it works on computers, tablets, iPads and smart phones. This is beneficial for the end user that gets the same great content across multiple platforms and beneficial to Deep Blue because they only have to add content to one place. Included in the website design is a content management system that allows the client to make updates daily. As soon as their changes have been saved they immediately show up on the site. There's no lag time between wanting a change made and being able to make it happen. Plus, the editor is easy-to-use and makes the consistent styling of each page effortless. 

A few items we incorporated into their site are links to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, sign-up links to their Constant Contact email sign up, registration forms for new swim school participants and Google Calendars so both Scuba and Swim can keep their people in the know. The websites we design at Knightling are the hub of our clients marketing efforts. Call us at (310) 780-1462 if you need a better website designed for your company. 

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