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Site Launch: A new mobile friendly website redesign for a long time client. Featured

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I am proud to announce the launch of a newly redesigned (and completely reprogrammed) website for a long time client, Sasha Witte. Sasha Witte Design was one of my first websites that I coded by hand completely from scratch in HTML back in 2007.

Over the years changes were made to her portfolio of work as the technology changed. Initially there was a motion graphics landing page programmed in Flash revealing pieces of her work. After landing pages (the old school kind where you would "click to enter" the site) decreased in popularity and Flash was running well on fewer and fewer systems we got rid of that. Next we overhauled the galleries. Those too were programmed in Flash and the time and cost of continually adding to those ( and reordering them) was unrealistic. Next we tried Flicker galleries. The Flicker code snippet was inserted into the html page where the old flash gallery had been. This also had it's drawbacks and 8 years later the little site that could was finally being replaced. 

The new site would be programmed using the open source Joomla Platform. It's programming is PHP based with java scripts for galleries and modules for products and events dynamically displaying on multiple pages. The versatility of the new platform is a testamant to just how far websites have come in the last decade. The new site is mobile friendly and responsive meaning it will display in a different way that is best for the device the site is being viewed on wether that be a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. The website itself is pseudo intelligent in that way. 

Please take a moment to browse the new site created for Sasha Witte Design at

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