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Why Mobile Compatibility Is No Longer Optional for Business Websites

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Over the last few weeks, web designers and Internet marketing experts have been practically shouting from the rooftops that now is the time for businesses that haven’t already done so to make the switch to responsive (and mobile-friendly) websites. 

If you’ve been ignoring us so far, what you need to understand is that this isn’t a case of the web design industry looking for new business – mobile compatibility is no longer optional for business websites. Here are two of the biggest reasons why:


First, Google is Starting to Ignore Websites Without Mobile Functionality

A lot of the recent talk has centered around Google’s new algorithm update, which rolled out on April 21 and continues to affect searches in every market. The details (as always) are a bit technical, but the intent and effect aren’t: Google is beginning to prioritize websites with mobile compatibility, and undervalue those that don’t display well on smartphones and tablets. That means, amongst other things, that you’re going to have a harder time bringing new customers your website without mobile compatibility.

This isn’t a decision Google made in a vacuum; they are doing it because their users want it. That brings us to the second reason…

Second, Your Customers Are Demanding Mobile Compatibility

At a recent tech conference, I heard an amazing statistic: by 2017, 87% of Internet users will be accessing websites through smartphones and tablets. If that sounds amazing, remember that mobile web users already make up the majority now, and it only takes a quick look around any public space to see how prevalent these devices are. Not only are they getting better, they’re getting cheaper. It’s no wonder they are replacing laptop and desktop computers at an amazing rate.

That’s interesting from a technological perspective, but from a marketer’s point of view, the implications are clear – if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you’re missing out on lots of business.

There has never been a better or more important time to add mobile compatibility to your business website. Click here now to contact Knightling web design and find out how easy it is to keep up with this important trend.

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