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3 Things That Aren’t Mentioned Enough in Internet Marketing

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For the most part, posts and discussions around Internet marketing tend to involve topics like technical search engine optimization, budget size, and managing social accounts. In other words, they usually focus on things that are hot or new, rather than dealing with the bigger questions of establishing a marketing philosophy or thinking about your real end goal.

That's too bad, because it means a lot of valuable advice gets lost in the shuffle. It's easy to miss the forest for the trees when you're paying attention to tags and bid prices. Those sorts of details certainly matter, but they aren't the only things that matter.

To give you a sense of what's often missing in these discussions, here are three things that aren't mentioned nearly enough in Internet marketing:

1. Creativity. It goes without saying that you can't stand out by doing the same things as everyone else, especially on the Internet when your competitors can be as close as the next open tab. And yet, lots of marketers fall into the trap of trying to follow the same plans as their competitors do… and then wonder why they're seeing lackluster results.

2. Consistency. Often, even great Internet marketing plans fail, simply because the businesses executing them run out of patience before they can see the results they're looking for. Committing to a course of action, and then applying consistent effort, is actually more important than having a can't-miss master plan or trying every single possible technique or channel. Take a course of action and then work it to perfection.

3. Authenticity. Which do you care about more: increasing your sales, or making sure your customers get great value for their money? If those two concerns aren't on at least equal footing, you're probably going to come across as inauthentic. The moment buyers label you as "just another Internet marketer," you're in trouble and your results are going to suffer.

Succeeding online is about more than following established blueprints or ticking items off of a checklist. It takes a mix of creative thinking, patience, and a willingness to connect with buyers and understand their needs. Without those elements in place, no Internet marketing plan can be successful – regardless of how many technical details you pay attention to.

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