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Great Marketing Advice, Courtesy of Your Failed New Year's Resolutions

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Happy New Year from Knightling Happy New Year from Knightling

Numerous studies show that, right about now, millions of us are looking at ourselves in the mirror and wondering why we don't have any willpower. That's because, on average, more than 90% of people will have abandoned their New Year's resolutions by the third week of January.

This doesn't usually happen because we are inherently weak or noncommittal, however, it's just that most of us aren't very good at tying our goals and dreams into actionable plans. In other words, we have a sense of something that we wish for, but that hope tends to get crushed pretty quickly in the harsh light of day-to-day living and working.

That might not be such a big deal if you're just trying to lose a few holiday pounds… but if your goal for 2014 was to earn a top search engine ranking, multiply your social followers and engage them regularly, and generally turn your business website into a source of leads and opportunities, then you shouldn't give up so easily. And so, here are a few good pieces of advice to help you get more from your Internet marketing than you might from your New Year's resolutions:

First, break the project down into shorter-term realistic goals that you can achieve month-by- month

Next, decide which projects and outcomes are most important to you; these are the ones you have to hang onto if you decide you don't have the time or resources

And finally, make sure you have the right team of advisers and creative professionals helping you to stay on track and make all of your marketing projects effective

Are you ready to turn 2014 in to your best Internet marketing year ever? 

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