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3 Mistaken Search Engine Optimization Beliefs That Can Kill Traffic to Your Website

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Optimizing your site for better SEOHow much do you know about search engine optimization? If you are like most business owners and executives, you can come up with a few basic ideas and details, even if you leave the rest to a web design team or Internet marketing partner. But, a better question might be: How much are you sure you know about search engine optimization? 

This is an important distinction because the notions that you carry may not be correct and can actually do more harm than good. In fact, it isn't unusual for us to meet new clients who have lots of mistaken beliefs about search engine optimization and the process of putting an SEO campaign together. For that reason, they often run into many avoidable problems later.

To help you keep clear of the same mistakes, here are three of the most common search engine optimization misconceptions that can kill traffic to your website over time:

1. Search engine optimization is all about complicated HTML code. Because some of the terms associated with search engine optimization (like meta tags, inbound links, etc.) sound technical, business people tend to assume that the solutions are technical, too. However, search engines are fairly simple in the way they work – they evaluate content, look for incoming links to a site and then use that information to try to figure out what the pages are "about" in a searchable sense. Although parts of SEO are a little technical, the overall concepts are usually straightforward.


2. Your business website needs to be built a special way if you want to rank well in Google. This is a half-truth. Although there are some best practices you want to follow in order to make your site search engine-friendly, these have more to do with making it more accessible to human visitors than search engine spiders. To understand why, consider this: The easier it is for an actual person to find the information they are looking for on your site, the more valuable it is as a search destination, and the higher Google and the other search engines will rank it.

3. Search engine optimization can be outsourced to anyone since it's a technical skill. Because great content, rather than technical coding, is at the heart of any successful search engine optimization campaign, it requires as much creativity as it does knowledge. In other words, you don't want to entrust your SEO plan to just anyone – and certainly not a low-cost overseas provider with no familiarity with your target market – because the resulting pages and content you'll get won't be of a high enough quality to interest Google or actual human buyers.

Have you been holding on to any of these beliefs? And if so, how have they been holding your company back? Understanding what SEO is and isn't can be a very important first step towards building a better website, and one that's easier for customers to find.

Call or email a member of our team today and ask for a free search engine optimization review and consultation. We'll be happy to show you how we can make your site more visible to Google and your customers at the same time.

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