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Quote: Jamie Koval
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Brochures and Business Cards
Logo Design: Emerge
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Kellie Shelton, President Knightling, Inc.

ellie Shelton, President
"A legacy is something you build every day."

- Jamie Koval

Are your marketing materials and website up to date? Do you need new uniforms, advertisements or brochures? We've been busy helping our clients gear up for 2011, but we always have time for one more. Call us for a free quote at 310-780-1462.
Site Launch: EcoCleaning Solutions, Inc.
EcoCleaning Website

Just in time for spring cleaning!

Knightling is proud to present the recently launched EcoCleaning website. If you are looking for a local, trustworthy house cleaning service that uses EcoFriendly products, then we have the company for you.
Brochures and Business Cards: Centripetal Force Studio - Find Your Center

Brochures and Business CardsBusiness cards and brochures are a great traditional way to spread the word about who you are and what you do. If you haven't updated yours in years, you may want to redesign them. Be sure to include your email and website address.
Logo Design: Emerge
All designers are not created equal. When searching out a designer for your logo, be sure you are getting what you're paying for. At Knightling, we have a thorough process in which we spend time with each client learning as much as we can about your business, your clients and your personal style. Together we turn your vision into reality.
Restaurant Menus: Paradise Piano Bar

Drink MenusPrices are always changing, and so must your menus. Knightling can design and format your menu in any size on any material to fit your books, sleeves, signs and frames. Do you cater or offer deliveries? You might want to-go menus as well.
Logo Design: The B-Word Project
B Word Logo
Cal State University Long Beach has received grant funding for a two-year project that focuses on censorship and how people respond to it. Knightling designed their logo, and now we're building a website that will feature courses, performances, exhibits, videos and more...stay tuned as the project develops.
Magazine and Newspaper Advertisements
Spa Sidney Valentines Tall
Spa Sidney

Promote your business with a seasonal advertisement to stimulate sales. We can design an ad based on any theme you choose or create a more general ad in multiple formats that you can use throughout the year.
Catalina sea Spa
Catalina Sea Spa