How Internet Marketing Will Keep Changing in 2013

Knightling - Marketing By Design

It's not exactly a bold prediction to say that Internet marketing will change in 2013 since the Internet is always changing. However, the ways we use the web to find and engage new customers are definitely shifting and not just because of the emergence of newer platforms like social media and online video marketing. Instead, it's that these tools are changing the way our customers use and think about the Internet, forcing us to adapt with them.
Buyers now prioritize answers over information, so having a top search engine position no longer guarantees a thriving business. Building a reliable network and reputation is critical as more value is being placed on opinions than marketing messages, and everything is happening in a global, 24/7 environment.
For smart Internet marketers, these changes represent challenges to be sure, but they also bring opportunities to distance ourselves from our competitors if we can follow a few simple rules this year:
Emphasize philosophies over techniques. What you bring to customers is more important than how you introduce them to it. There are now multiple pathways to success. You don't have to be wholly dependent on Google, Facebook or any other single method now; what you need instead is a solid understanding of the market and a strong unique selling proposition that you can express clearly and concisely.
Build trust, not a keyword profile. No matter how many buyers you bring to your business website, many are going to look for online reviews and social connections--especially through LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+--to see if you are worth doing business with. That means your reputation is as important to your bottom line as your landing pages and keyword strategy are.
Be accessible to buyers everywhere and all the time. This is not the time to fall behind your competitors when it comes to mobile business websites and mobile Internet marketing. With tens of millions of new smartphones and tablets coming into service every quarter, customers want you to be accessible via mobile devices at all times.

Internet marketing is always changing, but what we are seeing in 2013 is a shift of concepts and philosophies, not just tools and techniques. Are you ready? If not, contact a member of our team today to set up an account review and Internet marketing strategy session.