3 Ways to Boost Your Profits With a Mobile App

Knightling Web Design

As 2013 gets into full swing and millions of iPhones, iPads, Androids, Kindles and other web-ready mobile devices continue to fly off the shelves, many small business owners, managers and executives are looking for ways to take advantage of this explosive technological sector. What can small businesses do in addition to launching a mobile business website?

The easy answer is to develop and introduce a custom mobile app.

If you haven't given the idea of developing your own mobile app much thought, you aren't alone. A lot of the men and women we talk to assume that the process must be more complicated and expensive than it actually is. The truth is not only is custom app development affordable, but it opens the door to small business profits in three different ways:
1. The sale of the app itself. Although some apps have been popular enough to make their owners and developers fabulously wealthy, most that succeed provide profits through regular monthly income. If you have a unique and interesting idea, there might be an opportunity to make a sizable number of sales every month or even significantly grow your bottom line through the sale of the app itself in online stores.
2. Increased sales of your product or service. Most small business apps aren't designed to earn royalties, but rather to make it more convenient for users to buy products, manage services like shipping or appointments and otherwise encourage customers to make routine or repeat purchases. By adding that level of convenience, a small app can help you substantially grow your sales in a very short period of time, all without a large investment.
3. Improved customer loyalty. Many benefits can also be derived from apps that handle customer service and account management functions. The more your customers use them, the more comfortable they become with your business and the more you become a part of their day-to-day routine. That kind of loyalty, branding and "top of mind awareness" is invaluable; it can help you keep buyers long-term when they would otherwise likely shop around searching for a better deal.
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