The Easiest Way to Tell Your Online Marketing is Failing

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There seems to be more and more to talk about these days in regards to your website. At Knightling, we believe that knowledge is a precious resource, and we love to keep our clients well-informed. To that end, we have written articles that will demystify your website. There are more marketing tools available today than ever before, and the information that follows focuses on methods and guidelines for marketing your business online.
The Easiest Way to Tell Your Online Marketing is Failing
Update Your Website


When you last launched or redesigned your business website, was it because you thought the Internet would be a better place if only you had an upgraded home page...or were you buying into a valuable tool for your online marketing plan that would make a bottom-line difference in the future?


Obviously, small business owners and managers don't invest in websites simply for their artistic value. They want to find new customers, generate new leads, be recognized by Google and the other major search engines, etc. Yet so many of them make a dire mistake that prevents them from ever realizing any of these benefits: they fail to add fresh content or update their business websites in any way.


Let's be clear: your online marketing plan isn't going to give you the results you're hoping for if you don't update your web presences on a regular basis. Fresh content is the lifeblood of any company's Internet domain. It's what search engines look for and what brings buyers back day after day, week after week.


What sort of material should you be adding to your website on a regular basis? 

Click here to find out what the top 5 categories are.


Mobile Sites
Mobile Sites


Between 2008 and 2011, the percentage of U.S. adults who accessed the Internet from PCs daily grew to 62% from 54%. In the same period, the percentage of daily mobile Internet users skyrocketed to 26% from 4%, according to Forrester Research on


How does your site display on mobile devices? 

If you have an older website but aren't ready to upgrade to the newer, better websites available today that work splendidly on iPhones and Android, you might consider getting a mobile site.


Click here to learn more about what you should include (and leave out) of your mobile site.


Copy Writer Services

 Website Content Generation Services 


 Our copywriters will write a 500-word article about current topics in your industry  for only $99 per article. Update your site monthly for a year and save:

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