Features That Should Come Standard on a New Business Website

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Dear Kellie,
The Autumn weather is finally approaching. The cooler weather heralds a wave of new clients for us aiming to expand their marketing efforts. Many are looking to finally get a website up for their company or redesign an older site to take advantage of the benefits of recent technological advances. If you find yourself in one of the above situations, keep reading to learn more about what should be included in your business website.
Features That Should Come Standard on a New Business Website 
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The longer you go without buying a new car, the more surprised you are bound to be when you eventually walk into a dealership. That's because the new components available on automobiles change frequently to the extent that items that didn't exist just a decade ago - like voice response radios or in-dash GPS systems - are now standard on many new models.

The same dynamic has been transpiring in web design. New ideas, changes in best practices and improvements in development tools mean that features that were expensive or "cutting edge" just a few years ago are now requirements for any well-built business site to remain competitive. 
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