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What Should I Ask when Hiring a Designer?

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Always ask for references. Graphic design is a creative business, and the product has to be tailored to each client individually. Because of this, much of the process involves working closely with the client to produce a design that satisfies the client’s objectives. If a designer doesn’t have a solid list of clients pleased with his or her work, why would you think you’re likely to get a different result?

Along these same lines, be sure to ask about the designer’s revision process. Because of the nature of graphic design, a given design may have to be altered several times before it’s finalized. You shouldn’t work with any designer who presents an attitude that whatever he or she produces the first time around is what you’re stuck with. Design is a collaborative process between the designer and the client, and you as the client should be satisfied with the end result.


Another valuable request to make before you hire is to see some samples of the designer’s work. The best way to know what a given designer can do for you is to look at what he or she has done for other clients in the past. Physical copies of print projects will rarely be available because they are delivered to their respective clients in the end, but a good designer should be able to point you to his or her website or at the very least provide a few electronic files for your perusal.

Finally, you’ll want to inquire about pricing. As tempting as it may be, don’t forget the old maxim that you get what you pay for, so cheaper isn’t always better. That said, a designer should be able to give you a fairly solid estimate for most projects and should be open about his or her hourly rates. If you don’t get an estimate at the outset, you are subjecting yourself to the designer’s whims once the project is finished.

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