What's a Knightling?

Definition: Knightling [nahyt-ling] –noun A creative professional who does his/her best work at night.

Knightling exists to create and develop your corporate image based on your conception of what it should be. You know your own business like no one else; we'll get inside your head, extract your ideas and make them tangible. And even though our creative flame burns brightest at night, we're open for business during the day as well.


About the Founder

Kellie Sherrill Founder and CEO of Knightling Web Design

Kellie Sherrill is the President and founder of Knightling, Inc. – Marketing By Design. Knightling creates innovative small business websites, company logos and the graphics for any marketing materials you could need. Knightling specializes in designing a company’s visual brand. Kellie’s listening skills and ability to understand what a company needs are the keys to Knightling’s effectiveness. Knightling offers graphic design packages, website solutions, mobile apps and photography.

Always entrepreneurial, her first company was Kellie Shelton Design Services. She provided design services from logo design to web design for small businesses in Southern California. As she refined her skills she developed the Knightling image and streamlined her business vision. In May of 2009 Kellie created Knightling, Inc.

Kellie graduated Cum Laude from Cal Poly Technic University of Pomona with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Immediately following graduation Kellie went to work with cutting edge multi-media company Cie Studios as a Designer. Within 2 years her innate entrepreneurial spirit took control.

“I come from a long line of entrepreneurs. It is customary in my family to find your passion and then find a way to get paid for it. My father is a mechanic and my mother is an artist. Put them together and you get me. I have a talent for designing graphic solutions for companies using the latest technologies.”

Face-to-face client interaction gives Kellie the competitive edge she needs to reach her creative potential. She finds her intuitive nature helps her discover the solutions the client wants and needs painlessly and profitably. Kellie is a member of the Irwindale Chamber of Commerce and is the Executive Director for the the Long Beach Executives Association.